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Experience the Wild from the Comfort of a Limpopo Lodge


A close encounter with each of the iconic Big 5 is the stuff of dreams. However, these and many other dreams can come true when you stay at a Limpopo lodge. Deep within the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve in South Africa’s northernmost province is a place where fantasy becomes a reality: the Welgevonden Game Reserve.


For the benefit of those who don’t understand Dutch, the name translates as “well found”, a sentiment shared by every guest who spends time in this 36,000-hectare wildlife paradise. Although it is generally less well-known than the internationally renowned Kruger National Park in the same province, there are several valid reasons why so many wildlife lovers prefer one of the lodges in the Welgevonden Game Reserve.


To begin with, many visitors claim that the Kruger has become too commercialised and is overcrowded and noisy. No such complaints can be made about any of the lodges at Welgevonden. As a private game park, its owners have chosen not to accept day visitors and to maintain occupancy at levels that allow guests to relax in peace when needed.


Why Stay at a Limpopo Lodge in Welgevonden?


Although the absence of day visitors is sure to improve your stay, this is just one of many reasons to favour this exceptional game park. Here are a few more:

  • Limpopo Lodge | South African Game Lodge | Wildlife Choice of accommodation: Welgevonden is not just home to one lodge but there are several options, each with its specific merits. Some are ideal for families, others for large groups. Some have Wi-Fi and cellphone reception, while others may have ceiling fans rather than aircon. All have king-size beds, showers, and restaurant and bar facilities, so the choice is yours.


  • Choice of activities: These include professionally guided game drives in the park’s vehicles or on horseback. Alternatively, guests can explore Khoisan rock art in the nearby mountain range or scan the night sky with a state-of-the-art astronomical telescope.


  • Convenient access: Welgevonden is just a 2,5 hours’ drive from Johannesburg or a 45-minute flight to one of its two private airstrips.


  • Prolific wildlife: Besides the Big 5, the park hosts over 65 mammal species, more than 300 different birds, 95 species of frogs, reptiles and fish, plus over 270 wild flower species.


  • Safety: Safety at each Limpopo lodge is paramount. It is also worth noting that Welgevonden is a malaria-free area.


Booking Your Stay at a Welgevonden Limpopo Lodge


Demand is always high, and the accommodation is purposely limited, so early booking is recommended. When you’re ready, contact us, provide a few details, and we will recommend the perfect Limpopo lodge for your stay.

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