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Welgevonden Game Reserve

Welgevonden Game Reserve is a 36,000ha private game reserve in the Waterberg District, of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The Reserve is nestled within the internationally recognised UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, flagged for the sustainable conservation of biodiversity. Located near Gauteng, only 2.5-hour drive, or an easy 45-minute flight from Johannesburg into one of the airstrips, Welgevonden is one of the most accessible premier, malaria-free big five wilderness reserves in the country.


The Dutch word, Welgevonden, can be translated to “well found”, or a “serendipitous discovery” which means to occur by chance in a happy or beneficial way. The majestic piece of land transforms at every opportunity, offering breath-taking views of untouched African wilderness and memories that will last a life time. There is no doubt that Welgevonden is one of the finest places to watch wildlife, sense wilderness and experience the true spirit of Africa!


Big Five Game Reserve

Malaria Free Area

Limpopo Province, South Africa

Size of reserve: 36,000ha

Over 65 mammal species, 100 species of reptiles, frogs and fishes, and 320 bird species


Welgevonden offers an exclusive, intimate bushveld safari experience, with only a limited number of guests having access to Welgevonden at any one time. These guests are collected from the gate by a competent, qualified field-guide and are then transported to the respective commercial game lodges on the reserve. The mountainous bushveld is worth a visit all year round thanks to its high altitude, temperate climate and malaria-free status. It is important to note that the reserve is not open to day visitors. Click here for accommodation options.


Welgevonden is home to more than 65 mammal species. While these include the famous Big Five, it is the rare and unusual species like cheetah, brown hyaena, caracal, aardwolf and aardvark that make game drives exceptionally exciting. Welgevonden sports a diverse range of habitat types which support a riot of biodiversity, including over 300 different birds! From cheetah-loved grasslands and savannahs to leafy wooded mountains cut by deep rocky ravines, Welgevonden has it all! In addition to the wildlife, ancient bushman rock art can be found dispersed around the reserve, offering the curious traveller a unique cultural experience while on their guided safari. Unfortunately, no self-driving is permitted for commercial guests.


Welgevonden believes that each private reserve has the opportunity, and therefore the responsibility, to make a significant contribution towards the protection of the country’s biodiversity. For this reason, the reserve’s conservation management team is deeply committed to ongoing conservation research and the development of innovative, leading-edge technologies used to solve the many challenges that face large-scale landholdings. Guided by the Welgevonden Scientific Advisory Committee, a progressive membership and board of directors, Welgevonden is one of the world’s leading reserves in conservation management.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

John Muir





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