Makweti Safari Lodge

Makweti Safari Lodge is an experience for the discerning wildlife aficionado. Timelessly African, it embodies the eras of Livingstone and Hemingway, while standing as a model of modern, environmentally sensitive taste.


Makweti Safari Lodge was founded in 1995, and its management and staff embody decades of experience in creating memorable stays for a discerning international clientele. The Lodge caters to no more than 10 guests, with five luxury suites that blend seductively into an ideal safari landscape. Makweti has no fences, so the Big Five, zebra, wildebeest, and a host of other iconic species wander freely through the Lodge’s surrounds.


Often, these wild “owners of the terrain” come for refreshment to the stream-fed waterhole just 80 yards from the open lounge and viewing deck. Beyond the waterhole, Makweti’s luxury suites and dining room command panoramic views across a gorge-defined valley, toward infinite blue hills beyond.


Makweti’s guides are, moreover, mature experts, proven in their dedication to introducing you to our wildlife, ecology, and the African folk-wisdom imbued in our environment. Two safari vehicle for just 10 guests. No more than 6 guests on a vehicle, unless requested by the guest.


Your Makweti safari experiences will be complemented by the discreet elegance of your luxury suite, and by Makweti’s delectable, world-rated cuisine. Makweti offers three guides and two safari vehicles for 10 guests.



From R 4,000.00 pppn to R 7,000.00 pppn

*Standby rates on application rates are inclusive of accommodation, meals, safaris and VAT.

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