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Limpopo Game Lodge | Waterberg Vacation | Big Five

Enjoy an Unforgettable Vacation at a Limpopo Game Lodge


Whether meeting the Big 5 is on your bucket list, or you want an exotic wedding venue or a break from beach vacations, visit this unique Limpopo game lodge. The province in which the latter is located lies in South Africa’s north-eastern corner and derives its name from the Limpopo River, which forms its northern and western borders.


However, it is not its location that makes the Welgevonden private game reserve unique. In practice, there are dozens of other Waterberg resorts, and the more widely known Kruger National Park lies just over 400 kilometres to the east. That said, while Welgevonden is malaria-free, visitors to the Kruger will need to take precautions and frequently complain that it’s overcrowded, noisy and too commercialised; all the annoying things that this 36 000 hectare private game lodge successfully avoids with two simple rules:


  • No day visitors: This rule means guests are assured of privacy when needed and don’t have to compete to enjoy the park’s facilities.


  • No private vehicles: There is ample parking space for those who choose to make the two-and-a-half-hour trip from Johannesburg by road, but even if you take a 45-minute flight from the city, all game drives will be conducted in the park’s well-maintained vehicles driven by experienced guides. Alternatively, guests can enjoy their African safari on horseback or a bike, safe from the antics of manic city drivers.


Wildlife at This Luxury Limpopo Game Lodge


Limpopo Game Lodge | Waterberg Vacation | Big Five

This veritable jewel among Limpopo’s Waterberg resorts is renowned for its biodiversity and forms part of the Internationally-recognised UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve. It boasts 65 mammal species, including all of the ionic Big 5, a hundred species of reptiles, amphibians and fish, plus 300 avian species.


The region is largely savannah and grasslands with patches of forest punctuated by mountain ranges and multiple small rivers from which the Waterberg derives its name. For a break from spotting wild animals, why not check out the rock art created 2 000 years ago by the once prolific bushman tribes who were then the region’s first human predators?


If You Love Luxury, This Limpopo Game Lodge is for You


Welgevonden has several lodges to choose from, and although luxury can be taken for granted, each has its distinctive style and character. Comfortable king-sized beds, showers and private decks are the norm, as are fine wines, gourmet dining and exceptional service at a choice of well-appointed restaurants.


Whatever your unique needs, one of our Waterberg resorts can provide them. If you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation, please get in touch, and together, we will find the best Limpopo game lodge for you.

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