South African Game Reserves | Advice for a Waterberg Stay

Practical Advice for Anyone Planning to Visit South African Game Reserves

The lure of a safari can be irresistible, especially to overseas visitors. This article provides some tips for those visiting South African game reserves. When planning a trip to South Africa, most people will have been advised of features like Table Mountain, the Garden Route and the well-known Kruger National Park and, on arrival, will do their best to pay a visit to each of them. However, beautiful scenery and exotic wildlife abound in every corner of the continent’s southernmost jewel, and they hold just as much appeal for local holidaymakers.

Set in the northeastern corner of the republic is the province of Limpopo, home to some of the country’s most diverse wild game species and the 36 000-hectare Welgevonden Game Reserve, part of the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve. The name derives from a Dutch word meaning “well found” and could not be a more apt description for one of the best South African game reserves to watch wild creatures in their natural habitat. It’s also the go-to destination for those hoping to meet each of the iconic Big Five.

However, visiting this Limpopo game reserve is not like a walk in some local park. You will need to prepare yourself for your safari adventure.


These two tips will ensure you thoroughly enjoy visiting South African game reserves:


1) Dress for the occasion:

Limpopo is one of the republic’s warmest regions. Average maximum daily temperatures are around 28º Celsius to 38º C during the warmer months. After hot days, the nights can feel much cooler, prompting even locals to reach for their jerseys. So, be sure to pack some warm outfits too. Jeans, safari pants, a jacket, windbreaker or body warmer could prove helpful on an early morning or late afternoon game drive. Otherwise, shorts, light skirts and T-shirts will be fine. Make sure to pack hats that offer coverage from the harsh African sun.

 2) Medicines:

Regardless of your destination, if you have allergies or a chronic illness, don’t forget your meds. Fortunately, antimalarials are one type of medicine you will not need to worry about. The Waterberg is a confirmed malaria-free area. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen for maximum protection as you will spend much of your time in the tranquil outdoors.


Accommodation at South African Game Reserves


Welgevonden is just a 2.5-hour drive or 45-minute flight from Johannesburg. With a choice of 25 luxury lodges, our Limpopo game reserve offers something to suit everyone, including families with children. We want your stay to be perfect, so please contact us if you need more information.

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