Game Reserves | South Africa | Biodiversity

Game Reserves | South Africa | Biodiversity

The Irresistible Lure of South African Game Reserves


Game Reserves | South Africa | Biodiversity

Wildlife doesn’t roam our city streets, as many unfamiliar with Africa believe. South African game reserves ensure species conservation and biodiversity. More significantly, they offer an opportunity for locals and visitors to observe fauna in their natural environment rather than when constrained within the compounds or cages of a zoo.


While our overseas visitors only learn of the threatened mass extinction of wildlife from newspapers and TV documentaries, we witness it first-hand and apply every possible measure to minimise these losses. The nation’s wildlife parks are the front line of their defence in a campaign that relies heavily on charitable donations and the fees levied from visitors. To that end, most park owners do everything possible to ensure their visitors’ experiences are memorable.


While most people visiting South Africa will know of the iconic Kruger National Park in the eastern areas of the Mpumalanga and Limpopo, few would believe the total number of South African game reserves, each with its unique animal population and character. Welgevonden, a 36,000-hectare private game park in Limpopo’s Waterberg region, is perhaps the most remarkable and is just a two-and-a-half-hour drive or 45-minute flight from Johannesburg.


Unique Among South African Game Reserves


The many unique features of Welgevonden only serve to justify its name, a Dutch word meaning “well-found”. To begin with, you won’t need antimalarials; the Waterberg region is malaria-free. Let’s list some other features that keep visitors returning year after year.


  • Choose from 26 lodges: Outdoor lovers will appreciate Elephants Crossing, a compact tented community with king-sized beds, a splash pool on a private deck, and en-suite bathrooms with a bath and outdoor shower. There’s also a tented suite with extended decking and a private fireplace.


  • Meet the big five: Our morning and evening game drives are conducted by experienced guides who will do their best to introduce you to this iconic wildlife quintet.


  • A more peaceful stay: Our policy is not to accept day visitors and to limit bookings to prevent the hustle and bustle typical of public South African game reserves.


  • Wide choice of activities: In addition to game drives, visitors may conduct their trips on horseback or on foot accompanied by a supportive and well-informed guide. Other options include viewing 2,000-year-old bushman rock paintings, scanning the night sky with our state-of-the-art 8-inch telescope, or feasting on gourmet dishes and fine wines.


How to Book


Just click here to arrange your stay at Welgewonden. Let us know your preferences, and we will recommend a lodge to match them. For more information, you can visit our FAQ page or give us a call.


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