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10 Reasons to Book Your Stay with a Sensational Limpopo Lodge at the Welgevonden Game Reserve

The Welgevonden Game Reserve offers exclusive Limpopo lodge options that emphasise luxury, opulence and the splendour of the Waterberg wilderness. Want to know more about us? Here are 10 reasons to book your stay with us for your next holiday.


Limpopo Lodge


Stay at a Limpopo Lodge within the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve

Our game reserve and luxury lodges are located in the Limpopo province of South Africa. We are nestled within the Waterberg region, a recognised UNESCO biosphere reserve essential to South Africa’s sustainable development, culture, tourism, biodiversity, and research.

A Quick Drive from Gauteng

The Welgevonden Game Reserve is only a 2,5-hour drive from Gauteng. If you are flying from Johannesburg, it is a quick, 45-minute flight into one of the airstrips.

Our Reserve is Free from Malaria

The mountainous bushveld region of the Waterberg is considered one of South Africa’s best-kept secrets because it offers countless wilderness adventures and maintains a malaria-free status.

You Can Spot the Big Five

Our game reserve offers guests the exciting chance to spot one of Africa’s Big Five animals – the lion, buffalo, rhinoceros, elephant, and the elusive leopard.

There is More than Enough to See and Discover

Our professional, competent rangers and field guides will see to it that you enjoy exciting safari experiences that showcase the best of our game reserve’s high altitude, temperate climate, and natural beauty.

Exclusive and Intimate Bushveld Safaris

Only a limited number of guests have access to the Welgevonden Game Reserve simultaneously. This means that not only is your privacy assured, but you will get to enjoy exclusive, intimate safaris without being interrupted by self-driving, commercial guests.

An Ideal Holiday All Year Round

No matter the season, the Waterberg region maintains a lovely climate and boasts breathtaking scenery every day of the year.

Diverse Fauna and Flora to See

Not only does our game reserve sport a vast variety of natural habitats, but over 65 animal species and more than 300 different birds.

A Unique Cultural Experience

Ancient bushman rock art can be found all across the reserve, and guests will get to see these remarkable insights into ancient human history.


You Can Help Conserve Our Country’s Biodiversity

We take seriously our mandate to protect and conserve the environment by managing various projects and programmes. Booking a stay with us means contributing significantly to the protection of South Africa’s biodiversity.

If you would like to enjoy a tranquil getaway at a sensational Limpopo lodge, contact us at Welgevonden Game Reserve today.

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