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South African Game Reserves With Exceptional Wildlife


Kruger National Park may be the best-known among South African game reserves, but others in the northeastern region have a more diverse wildlife population. Many of those who visit our game parks do so mainly in the hope they will have an opportunity to view the iconic Big Five in their natural environment.


In addition to the Kruger, there are many other locations where they may do so. However, none can also offer their visitors the vast variety of species of flora and fauna that abound in the Waterberg Plateau in South Africa’s Limpopo province.


Savana woodlands, open grassland, and rocky escarpments typify the region, which is also crisscrossed by streams and rivers that feed its rich vegetation. The diverse terrain supports several unique sub-habitats, leading to the region’s unparalleled wildlife diversity. It is, therefore, no surprise that UNESCO has designated the Waterberg region as an international Biosphere Reserve.


Welgevonden – An Exception Among South African Game Reserves


Where else can you expect to encounter the Big Five and some of the world’s rarest mammals, reptiles, birds and plants but in one of Waterberg’s reserves? Not surprisingly, that’s where you will find Welgevonden, which, at 36,000 hectares, is one of the largest privately owned South African game reserves.


In addition to hosting the famed mammalian quintet, the park is home to some of the rarest animal species, such as the caracal, aardwolf and aardvark. The Dutch farmer who first claimed this land and called it Welgevonden named it well. It was, indeed, “well-found”. Not only is it exceptionally fertile, but it’s also malaria-free.


The park is just a two-and-a-half hour drive from Johannesburg, but the park also has an airstrip, and the flight time from Johannesburg is just 45 minutes. Visitors will be spoiled for choice when booking their accommodation. The twenty-six Waterberg lodges each have mains electricity, standby generators, a shower and a private deck. Some also have cellphone reception support and WiFi. Access to some activities varies between lodges but includes:

Game Reserves | The Big 5 | The Waterberg Biosphere


  • Morning and evening game drives in an open vehicle driven by an experienced guide.
  • Guided walking or horseback safaris are available at some lodges.
  • Take a trip to the escarpment to view 2000-year-old Koi San bushman rock art.
  • Enjoy an evening of stargazing with a state-of-the-art astronomical telescope.


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