Discover World-class Limpopo Lodge at Welgevonden

Discover Untouched Beauty at a World-class Limpopo Lodge

Happy discoveries are what we at Welgevonden Game Reserve are all about – it’s in our name, after all. “Welgevonden” is a Dutch word which means “well-found”, or “serendipitous discovery”. It is with this in mind that our game reserve does wilderness accommodation a little differently. With several commercial game lodges from which to choose, you can enjoy a bushveld experience that melds luxurious hospitality with the magnificence of nature. If you are seeking a getaway at an exclusive Limpopo lodge, then we have unforgettable options for you.

mhondoro-limpopo-game-lodgeMemories Worth Making

Located in the Bushveld district in South Africa’s Limpopo Province, we find the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve. It is within this region that our 36 000 ha game reserve is located. The area holds rich cultural value as it is home to San rock art and is thought to have been inhabited for hundreds of thousands of years.

Due to the unique biome of the region, it plays host to an impressive biodiversity. It boasts a wide variety of plant and animal species, as well as sustainable conservation efforts, that draw countless tourists every year, which has become an important income source for the province.

Guests who travel to our game reserve will enjoy that it is completely free of malaria. It is also located near Gauteng – a mere 45-minute flight from Johannesburg into one of the airstrips, and those who prefer a scenic drive will only be on the road for two and a half hours.

Once our esteemed guests arrive at our gate, a trained field guide takes them back to their lodge where they can spend time relaxing in nature. From enjoying a sundowner as dusk falls over the bushveld, to delighting in trying to spot the famous Big Five, guests can create memories that last a lifetime.

Private, Exclusive Accommodation for Guests a Limpopo Lodge

The Welgevonden Game Reserve encapsulates the beauty of Limpopo and allows guests a close-up experience with nature at a luxury lodge of their choice. With its high altitude, temperate climate, and malaria-free status, it offers the perfect escape all year round. We are also one of the world’s leading reserves in conservation management, and travellers who book a stay at one of our lodges are sure to gain a wealth of knowledge about our vital programmes.

For Big Five accommodation in a Limpopo lodge that transports you to a world of pampering and relaxation, be sure to book your stay at an exclusive Welgevonden Game Reserve lodge today.

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