Young Male Cheetah Relocated to Samara Game Reserve

On the 16th of January, a young male cheetah was captured and relocated to Samara Game Reserve.

Expert cheetah veterinarian, Dr. Peter Caldwell from Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic, afforded vet students from Australia the opportunity to assist during the procedure. An absolutely amazing experience for these future vets.

Vincent Van Der Merwe, who heads the cheetah meta-population programme at Endangered Wildlife Trust, collected the sub-adult from Welgevonden and has since transported the cheetah to its new home where it will contribute towards the population’s genetic diversity.

To find out more about EWT’s meta-population programme, click here:…/new-genes-in-the-pool/

Dr. Peter Caldwell explains the types of veterinary drugs and dosages used for this particular procedure.

Volunteers from “African Impact” also took part during the procedure

The cheetah is sedated, given immune boosting vitamins and prepped for the long journey to Samara Game Reserve

Cheetah expert and wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Peter Caldwell, encourages the international students to partake during the procedure.

A very rare experience must be captured on camera!

The cheetah’s vitals are carefully monitored throughout the procedure.

This cutie is ready to hit the road!