Variegated Wolf Snake Sighted on Welgevonden

A Variegated Wolf Snake was sighted within the breeding camp at Welgevonden Game Reserve – a new addition to the species list.

Sam and Pip Davidson Phillips were on their way home one evening when they spotted a snake slither across the road. The inquisitive pair popped out of the car for a closer look and were amazed to discover that it had been a Variegated Wolf Snake.

The Variegated Wolf Snake, or Lycophidion variegatum, is a species of solitary, small, slow-moving nocturnal snake. It actively hunts lizards in small crevices and is endemic to Southern Africa.

It has an average length of 300-360mm, with adults reaching a maximum length of 430mm. The snake is black with white markings and a distinctly flattened head. The belly occasionally has pale markings.

It prefers to reside in rocky habitats and dead aloes, and is oviparous (egg laying), with females laying only three eggs at a time.

The Variegated Wolf Snake is exceptionally rare and this sighting marks the first for Welgevonden Game Reserve.

All photographs were supplied by Samuel Davidson Phillips