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At the southernmost tip of Africa is a nation famed for its natural beauty and wildlife, locals and visitors can enjoy both at South African game reserves. Perhaps you have watched the elephants slake their thirst at a waterhole in Addo or gazed in awe at the magnificent floral display in Namaqualand. In that case, both are unforgettable experiences, but the best is yet to come.


Just two and a half hours by road from Johannesburg or a 45-minute flight, in the northeastern province of Limpopo, lies a veritable garden of Eden, an unspoiled wilderness teaming with exotic flora and fauna. Surrounded by the internationally acclaimed UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve lies one of the foremost game reserves in South Africa – Welgevonden.


The reserve’s name is a Dutch word meaning “well found”, echoing the sentiments of the Voortrekkers who settled there to farm the land and those of everyone who has since visited this malaria-free wonderland.


Wildlife at South African Game Reserves


Africa, in general, and the sub-Saharan region, in particular, is a haven of biodiversity. However, there can be few better places to experience diverse wildlife than from one of the 27 lodges scattered across the Welgevonden reserve, which is home to the following:

south african game reserves


  • The iconic Big Five – the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and African buffalo
  • Over 65 species of mammal
  • 100 species of reptiles, frogs and fish
  • 320 avian species


In addition, the reserve is often described as a “floral hotspot” and supports around 400 species of plants as well as 271 varieties of trees.

What to Do at South African Game Reserves


  • Game drives: Whether you are local or visiting from overseas, your purpose when visiting a game reserve is probably to enjoy a safari. In the average public game park, you would drive yourself and perhaps hire a guide. However, Welgevonden is a private reserve where visitors’ vehicles are not permitted, and experienced guides conduct the morning and evening game drives. Our guests may also opt for a walking or horseback safari. Alternatively, they might prefer to hire a trail bike.
  • Rock art: Guests can enjoy a trip to the nearby escarpment to view 2 000-year old rock art created by the Koi San who once inhabited the area.
  • Stargazing: Our 8-inch state-of-the-art telescope offers guests a close-up view of the magnificent African sky.
  • Relax: Our lodges offer every home comfort with pools, private decks, and restaurants where you can enjoy fine wines and gourmet dishes.


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