BirdLife South Africa and Clive Walker Make a Generous Donation

Moji Kitsi, Welgevonden Environmental Awareness Officer, recently paid the ‘Walker Living Museum and Botanical Garden‘ in Melkrivier a visit with some 12 school children from Metsetsetla High, a school based in the Lesideng township of Vaalwater, Limpopo.

It was here that Moji revealed to Clive Walker, who has been synonymous with conservation and environmental education for over 40 years, that he had started a ‘bird club’ at the school.

While Clive found this “most encouraging”, he was concerned to discover that the group had but one pair of binoculars between them.

Clive then went on to contact Dr. Warwick Tarboton, former president of BirdLife South Africa, to discuss the possibility of scrambling together a few old books and bino’s to donate to the club.

The two renowned wildlife enthusiasts were successful in their endeavors and have since, through the help of BirdLife South Africa, managed to donate a collection of birdwatching resources, including bird books, binoculars and bird posters, to the Welgevonden Environmental Awareness Programme (WEAP).

“Moji will not be ‘giving’ the binoculars to any particular bird club member. Instead, the resources will be used communally due to high demand. While one student uses the binoculars, another can thumb through the field guide, taking it in turns to identify the bird,” says Shaun McCartney, Welgevonden CEO.

The posters, containing information on the common Waterberg bird species and developed by Warwick and his wife, Michèle, will be placed in schools across the Waterberg region.

Clive visited Welgevonden Game Reserve to hand over the small collection of birding gear, as well as contribute towards Welgevonden’s first library of conservation related literature.

Clive Walker handing over the bird watching gear to Moji Kitsi

The humble beginnings of a soon to be extensive literature library

During the handover, Clive assisted in planting a Pepper-bark tree, a critically endangered species, in the Reserve’s courtyard. He was also given a sister sapling to plant at the Living Museum, signifying the union between the two wildlife establishments.

Clive Walker and Shaun McCartney get their hands dirty while planting a Paperbark tree at Welgevonden Main Gate.

A special word of thanks to BirdLife SA for ‘giving conservation wings’ through their generous donation.