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Luxurious Waterberg Game Lodges – Bushveld Opulence

For a Touch of Bushveld Opulence, Visit our Luxurious Waterberg Game Lodges

South Africa is a country of immense splendour, and there is so much to discover within our own backyard. Around every bend, you will find a treasure trove, an adventure, or a new getaway to explore. The Welgevonden Game Reserve is one such place, offering a rejuvenating stay at one of the top-tier Waterberg game lodges within our reserve. With us, you can get back in touch with nature and create special memories that last a lifetime.

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About Our World-class Game Reserve

Within the Limpopo Province of South Africa lies the Waterberg District, and it is here that you will find the Welgevonden Game Reserve. The name comes from a Dutch word, which means “well-found” or “serendipitous discovery”, and if you’re here, then it is indeed by happy chance that you have found us. Our private reserve is made up of 36 000ha of land that is nestled in the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve. We offer an exclusive, bushveld safari experience as well as a stay at one of our luxurious game lodges. The reserve is mountainous, which means a high altitude, temperate climate, and exciting views all around. We are also malaria-free, which is a draw for discerning guests both locally and internationally.

Where Our Waterberg Game Lodges are Located

Our reserve is situated near Gauteng and is only a 2,5-hour drive from Johannesburg. Guests who fly from Johannesburg into one of the airstrips will enjoy a quick, 45-minute flight, which makes our reserve ultra-accessible. Once guests arrive, they are collected by a qualified field guide who will transport them back to their respective lodges where they can enjoy the majesty and untamed beauty of Africa.

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Get Up Close with the Famous Big Five

Our reserve boasts over 65 mammal and 320 bird species, and guests have the chance to spot all of the Big Five animals too. Our wide range of habitats is home to rare creatures such as cheetahs, aardvarks, and guests may even spot ancient bushman rock art around the reserve. In March of 2021, our reserve became home to several more black rhinos, providing much-needed sanctuary under the threat of heavy poaching in the country. Our renowned Wildlife Protection Project and biomonitoring programme use cutting-edge technologies to keep critically endangered species like rhinos safe while providing our guests with the chance to see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

If you are seeking exclusive Waterberg bushveld lodges that offer spectacular wildlife adventures and tranquil accommodation, contact us at Welgevonden Game Reserve today.


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