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Welgevonden Game Reserve lies in the Waterberg plateau,
just north of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Our guests enjoy unlimited traversing through the 34,850ha reserve and experience an environment where biodiversity conservation and game viewing are managed in harmony.

News 2013

De-collering an elephant

This animal was one of the bulls that underwent an experimental vasectomy in July 2006.

The collar was put on the animal in order to be able to monitor his recovery from the procedure as well as monitor his behaviour over time. However, it was now getting a bit too tight.

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Another pangolin

Another pangolin was sighted recently near site 9.

Apparently while finishing off a wildebeest kill, the lion pride was distracted by some movement in the grass and a pangolin emerged only to be harassed by a group of young lions.

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Game introductions

On Monday (01/09/2013), the game introductions continued with 49 impala and 11 Waterbuck being offloaded near site 10.

The plan was to unload the waterbuck at Eugene Marais but there was a lion lurking in the area.

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Annual aerial game count

The Welgevonden Game Reserve Annual Aerial Game Count (count) was conducted over three days from the 20th to 22nd August 2013.

The Reserve is divided into three sections and ideally counted over a period of three days by flying in 400m wide east/west transects, i.e. 200 m on each side of the helicopter is counted with each flight line.

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Recently Jonathan Swart received the call he has been waiting for since his arrival on Welgevonden – a PANGOLIN sighting.

Jonathan did his MSC research on pangolins in the Sabi Sands for 7 years and is considered a specialist on these strange animals!

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Lions are tough

For the last few weeks Reserve Management have received reports of an injury to the rear leg of one of the large male lions.

These reports vary from the animal improving to the leg is broken.

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Elephant contraception

The elephant contraception was done before the Annual Aerial Game Count because the presence of the helicopter does affect the movement of the elephant within the Reserve which makes locating them more difficult if the helicopter has already disturbed them.

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Western airstrip

The road team has been busy for the last few weeks rebuilding the Western Airstrip.

This process was long overdue and was complicated by the original strip being “semi-sealed” which made repairs very difficult.

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Predator-prey research : Assessments of non-lethal effects of predation

If you have been visiting Welgevonden Game Reserve recently you may have come across a vehicle with massive speakers mounted on the back.

If you happen to have been close by heard the speakers bellowing wolf howls, lion roars, classical music, etc. from their spheres.

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Nature Conservation students

In the past, Welgevonden management staff has mentored a number of Nature Conservation Students on the Reserve. 

These students are here to comple the experiential learning component of their diplomas.

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Lightning strikes Welgevonden

By Sam Davidson-Phillips

Fire can be seen as a disastrous damaging force but is an important part of the savannah biome as it helps in removing old moribund material and making way for new growth.

A fire started during the night of the 9th January after a thunderstorm had passed over the southern section of the reserve.

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Welgevonden weather station

Since the weather and all the associated parameters are often major driving forces of a natural system and as part of the continual monitoring and research done on Welgevonden it has become necessary to record the weather in more detail. Bye-the-bye the minimum and maximum temperatures together with the rainfall have been recorded at the Welgevonden Main Gate since 1996.

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Lion cubs

By Sam Davidson-Phillips

After months of speculation and waiting impatiently the lioness of the western pride presented her litter of four small cubs to the Welgevonden community, resulting in much excitement.

These four newcomers join the five older cubs who have been born into the southern pride.

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Rhino capture

By Sam Davidson-Phillips

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the rhino poaching. We tend to forget the positives associated with rhino conservation.

Welgevonden management had decided to sell a sub-adult male white rhino to another reserve to be a partner to a young similarly aged female.

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Buffalo calf

Welgevonden management staff were recently overjoyed with the arrival of the first buffalo calf after two years since bring the herd of buffalo into the Reserve.

In addition to the new calf, one of the older free-roaming buffalo bulls recently decided bachelordom was boring on that side of the fence and faced the electrics and crossed into the buffalo camp to join the herd.

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