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Welgevonden Game Reserve lies in the Waterberg plateau,
just north of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Our guests enjoy unlimited traversing through the 34,850ha reserve and experience an environment where biodiversity conservation and game viewing are managed in harmony.

The Waterberg Welfare Society

The Waterberg Welfare Society (WWS) is a registered non-profit organisation which provides help and support to those individuals who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the Waterberg district of Limpopo Province, South Africa.

It performs many functions: Educational Prevention and awareness on HIV/AIDS, STI's, TB, Home community based care, Hospice / Respite Palliative care, Voluntary counselling and HIV testing, Support groups, Provision and management of anti-retrovirals, Prevention of mother to child transmission, Primary health care and crèche teacher training (rural farms) and a mobile clinic.

Christmas 2011:

It is that time of year and its time for to raise funds for the children of the WWS in Vaalwater.

The 2010 party was a huge success with each of the 80+ children receiving a backpack filled will all sorts of goodies. There was a little money left over and this went to 45 toddler mattresses and blankets which handed over to the children in February 2011.

This year, the aim is to give each of the 96 school children a backpack containing not only their school stationary but also their school uniform. We would like to give each of the 25 little ones, a backpack containing tracksuits, toys, books, books etc. 

I am very excited about this year's party and I ask you to please pray for the success of this venture!


Christmas 2010:

The 4th annual Christmas party held at the WWS in Vaalwater was a huge success. 85 Children received sponsored gifts made up of toiletries, bath towels, facecloths, books, sweet packs, toys and more!

The Christmas party which is held each November each year is something really special for the children and we encourage people from our community to get involved. The party is given by a private individual but any help would be welcome!

We would like to thank Welgevonden Game Reserve as well as the following lodges: Nedbank Lodge, the Jennings family, Shibula Lodge, GSFS Foundation, Shidzidi Lodge, Makweti Safari Lodge, Pitse Lodge, Gierenhoff Lodge as well as other sponsorships such as Unilever, Roy and Madeleine Broodryk and many others. No words can describe how thankful we are for your contributions and we look forward to another wonderful party in 2011.

Please remember that you should never think you cannot make a difference, small miracles are just as important as big ones and believe me, a little gift or a sweet or two is a very big miracle to these children!

Timothy House became our project for Christmas 2009:

It all started last year when we, a group of 3 ladies decided to have a small party for the youngest children at the WWS instead of us having a birthday party. Our birthdays all fall within 10 days of each other. We were so shocked to see that the children did not know how to react to a party pack as they had never had one of their own before.
After that, we decided that we would go bigger – much bigger! We added another friend to our group and we approached many companies, lodges in our area as well as friends and family for donations or sponsorships of any kind.

With the help of many wonderful and kind hearted people, we managed to give each of the 135 children registered with the WWS everything that was on our wish list and more. Each individual gift consisted of a backpack which was filled with stationary, T-shirts, toiletries, sweets and a toy. We also donated a set of updated Encyclopaedias, therapy equipment as well as a basket ball set and educational DVD’s and two first aid kits.

On 27th November 2009 we had the party. It is a day we will never forget as over 100 children opened their gifts. The sight of their smiles and the sound of their laughter and joy will always be in our hearts. To receive over 100 hugs of thanks is something impossible to forget.

Our message to everyone in the community is simple – do something to help others. Start off small and grow each year. Don’t be afraid to ask for money and assistance. A group of four friends had no idea that they would be able to do something on such a large scale but we did it! Don’t let anyone tell you it will not work or it is not possible because we have proven them wrong!

We would like to thank the following angels for their assistance and generous donations:
Elixir Health, Quemic (Pty) Ltd, Nedbank Lodge, Welgevonden Game Reserve, Candytops East London, Zeederberg Spar as well as Makweti Safari Lodge. Thank you also to the many individuals who gave so willingly. There are too many names to mention, but thank you so much. To everyone at the WWS – Thank you for taking care of so many people! We appreciate you!

Until next year, Merry Christmas and God Bless


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