Welgevonden’s diversity never ceases to amaze!

by Samuel Davidson-Phillips – Conservation Officer

Welgevonden Game Reserve has staff, guides and guests that are passionate about sharing and learning this beautiful biodiversity hot spot.

We are always on the lookout for new species to be added to our lists. Since last year a number of new species have been confirmed for the Reserve.

As of last year there have been some interesting discoveries. The African Bullfrog, Pyxcicephalus edulis, is a new bull frog species for the Reserve and the Snouted Night Adder, Causus defilippii, is a new snake species for the Reserve.

Jonathan Swart, Research Ecologist has been one of the star performers who is currently putting together a virtual museum of as many of the flowering species that occur on Welgevonden.

Welgevonden Game Reserve is continually looking and updating its lists and encourages anyone to submit photographs of potentially new species or interesting sightings to Sam (sam@welgevonden.org) or Jonathan (jonathan@welgevonden.org).

Click here for the Welgevonden species lists.