Unusual kill

by Jonathan Swart

Lazarus Zulu from Thaba Metsi Lodge told me “I have seen some wonderful sightings in this reserve, but this one will stay with me for long time.” On a Saturday morning while a number of guides were trying to relocate the western pride of lions Lazarus decided to try finding them in a different area and although he didn’t locate the lions he observed an African Harrier Hawk killing a Lesser Bush Baby.

Initially the observed the bird hanging up- side down and thought that it may be stuck in a hole in the tree. With further observation the bird was seen to be pulling a bush baby out of the hole. Once out of the hole the bird flew, with the meal clasped in its foot, and perched on a nearby branch.

The bird did not seriously attempt to kill the bush baby besides taking the odd peck at it. They watched for about half an hour and then left as some of the guests were distressed by the constant crying of the bush baby.