Staff changes

After 3½ years Welgevonden has had to say good bye to Shaun McCartney as CEO. Shaun has been investigating the option of starting a small brewing company in Sabie and due to circumstances things developed more rapidly than expected and Shaun made the difficult decision to leave Welgevonden.

The Chairman summed it up as follows: “I want to thank him (Shaun) for the professional and effective way in which he conducted himself and performed his duties. It was hard to put up a fight to keep him, against the competition of brewing beer with his closest friends in his home town. On behalf of all, I wish him and Nikki a pleasant return to Sabie and the best of luck with the beer-venture!” Shaun has been replaced by Bradley Schroder and Welgevonden welcomes him and wishes him a long and productive stay on Welgevonden.

Hennie Roets who has worked for the predecessors of Welgevonden and for Welgevonden itself and has been integral in the development and establishment of the Reserve has also semi-retired to spend more time farming cattle. Hennie will still be involved on a contract basis mentoring and transferring his knowledge and some skills to the newly appointed Operations Officer, Mduduzi Vilakazi. Mdu was a Nature Conservation Student last year has been brave enough to take up this huge challenge and we wish him the best of luck.

André Burger who has served Welgevonden for more than 16 years, first in the role of Conservation Officer and later Conservation Manager and stood in as Acting General Manager for a short while, has been promoted into the new role of Chief Operations Officer. Samuel Davidson-Phillips, a 2013 Nature Conservation Student, has been employed as the new Conservation Officer.