Southern cheetahs are busy!

All photos by Angus Frew, Izingwe Lodge

On an April afternoon, Angus Frew, from Izingwe Lodge in the south of the Reserve, witnessed a long distance sighting of a unique interaction between a male cheetah and a mother of 3 small cubs, less than three months old. Both the male and female cheetah showed intense signs of aggression towards each other.
Angus reported that it appeared “as if the male was interested in making more little cheetahs while the female was having none of it and was very protective of her babies! They were all over the place, very aggressive and very vocal. The sounds were amazing, deep groaning from the male and the female while the cubs were making bird and frog like sounds.”

Angus was fortunate that before it got too dark the animals approached the vehicle and he managed to take some of these amazing photos.

Angus and cheetahs seem to be meeting quite often. In September a male cheetah killed an impala behind their house and in December Angus observed a female cheetah with 3 cubs one of which had deformed front feet. The mother waited for it regularly and carried it a lot. Unfortunately this cub was never observed again and it is presumed that it didn’t survive.