Welgevonden weather station

Since the weather and all the associated parameters are often major driving forces of a natural system and as part of the continual monitoring and research done on Welgevonden it has become necessary to record the weather in more detail. Bye-the-bye the minimum and maximum temperatures together with the rainfall have been recorded at the Welgevonden Main Gate since 1996.

As part of the requirement for improved information an automated weather station was acquired and installed close to the Main Gate. It is envisaged to acquire and install additional units on the Reserve during the coming year. Welgevonden Members will also be encouraged to install a similar system at their camps.

There are various models of weather stations. The current model is solar powered with a wireless connection that records numerous parameters every minute. These parameters are stored in a database in the “cloud” for later analysis. The advantage of this system is that the weather data is uploaded onto the website so that live weather can be viewed and data can be downloaded at any time by anyone with access to the link.

“Real-time” weather can be observed from the Welgevonden Main Gate weather station by clicking here