Another pangolin

Another pangolin was sighted recently near site 9.

Apparently while finishing off a wildebeest kill, the lion pride was distracted by some movement in the grass and a pangolin emerged only to be harassed by a group of young lions.

Reserve management were informed of the sighting and it was more than Jonathan Swart could resist to go and see an animal he is so passionate about, which I suppose he should be after studying them for years in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve for his MSc thesis. On arrival at the sighting, it was great to find the lions had moved off and we could enjoy the pangolin.

Jonathan was quick to show us how to sex a pangolin which weighed in at 10.1kg. From the markings and wear on the scales he was most probably an adult male. There was one broken scale on his back and from what we could see and smell, possibly a bit of infection. Who knows; possibly a previous encounter with the lions? Jonathan ensured us that these animals are really tough and he would expect this animal to survive.

This was not only a special sighting for the Reserve guests that were present but also for Cobus Greyling, Welgevonden’s ECO, Mduduzi Vilakazi, Nature Conservation Student and Jenny Chin who despite working in the bush for varying amounts of time had never observed a live wild pangolin.

Thanks to Jenny for the superb photo.