Interesting submissions

“Tree Climbing Elephant” 
– Hamish Rogers, Clearwater Kudu Lodge

While out on game drive Hamish and his clients came across this “Tree Climbing” elephant bull.

He made several attempts to reach the upper tree canopy’s leaves before giving up in disgust and moving off.

Definitely interesting and unusual behaviour to witness.


“Rhino eating elephant dung” 
– Hamish Rogers, Clearwater Kudu Lodge

On a morning game drive we came upon these two white Rhino on Fig Tree Plains. After spending a while watching them we observed them eating elephant dung.

According to Smithers Mammals of the Southern African sub region Owen Smith makes reference to geophagia in white rhino; having observed white rhino eating the soil arround termite mounds.

In 26 years of guiding I have never observed copraphagia in rhino before, nor could I find any reference to it made anywhere.

Copraphagia is defined by Smithers as “The practice of eating faeces, usually as a means of increasing digestive efficiency or replenishing microbial fauna in the intestinal tract “. Interesting behaviour to witness, and it just goes to show that taking the time to sit and watch animals can always produce something new to see,