On the 28 June 2011 an underground electric cable started a fire near Molenvliet.

The fire was reported early morning but due to the winds was difficult to stop and jumped numerous roads.
Thankfully, all the lodges in the line of “fire” had prepared reasonable fire breaks and the WLOA management team with assistance from a number of lodge staff could secure these lodges. The firebreak burned earlier in the season also helped to contain the fire in that area.

Fortunately during the evening the wind subsided, the temperature dropped and the humidity increased which allowed the Reserve management team to put in back burns and contain the fire. The remainder of the contained area burnt out during the next two days and kept the management staff busy extinguishing burning stumps, dung piles and smouldering grass.

The area that burnt has already produced a green flush and it is predicted that the grazers will move into this area to take advantage of the new nutritious growth. Fortunately the area that burnt should be large enough to prevent the game concentrations from overgrazing it and thereby potentially doing damage to the grass layer.

Thanks to the various lodge staff that assisted the Reserve management team to control this fire. It is really appreciated.