Fire 2

Winter always brings the danger of fire to the Reserve and this year has been no different.

Another accidental fire started on the Reserve and burnt roughly 6,100ha in 3 days before it could be contained under very difficult and dangerous conditions i.e. strong winds, low humidity and high temperatures.

The Welgevonden management, security and lodge staff were unable to contain the fire and 3 teams from Working on Fire (WoF) were called in to assist and made a huge difference.

The WoF program is one of the expanded works programs that develop unemployed people by training, equipping and then utilizing them in projects beneficial to society and the environment at large.

Obviously the WoF teams are primarily trained and equipped to work with fire both in suppression thereof and in the use of thereof for management reasons such as block burns, the burning of firebreaks, etc.

The WoF teams are usually attached to a local Fire Protection Association and available to assist members.

The good news is that after the two fires so far there is a large area, ±8,500ha, that is already or is rapidly turning green and attracting huge amounts of game which leads to great game viewing in these areas.
Photos by Gail de Smidt, Ntwane Lodge