New arrival

Towards the end of December, a landowner near Melkrivier reported the activity of an extremely habituated male cheetah on his property.

Given that his property is surrounded by hunting farms, the landowner was concerned for the long-term safety of this animal.

Following fruitless efforts by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) to identify the animal, it was agreed that the animal would be released onto Welgevonden. Consequently, the EWT arranged for the capture of the animal and for its relocation to Welgevonden.

On the 30th January, Welgevonden welcomed the arrival of a magnificent new addition. The cheetah will be kept in the holding boma for several days prior to being released in an effort to encourage it to stay on the reserve.

Given the habituated nature of the animal, we hope that it will contribute substantially to cheetah viewing on the reserve.

May 2010

The male cheetah that was released on Welgevonden a few months ago has been a regular game viewing attraction on Welgevonden. This animal is very relaxed, allowing guests to be able to view this animal at close quarters and for extended periods of time.

The cheetah frequents the area around Main Gate and moves between Main Gate and Gemsbok Plains. On a number of occasions he has been seen making kills and he then generally stays in the area for a few days.

Hannah, assistant with the WEI program, has a passion for cheetahs and together with Gerhardt has identified three female cheetahs that could provide the male with company.

One of the females has been observed in the same area as the male for a few days so the possibility exists that we may have a few more long-legged spotted cats around in the future!