Fight against Pom Pom weed

January on Welgevonden is a time of war!

This is the period during which the dreaded Pom Pom weed flowers and during which management mobilises to combat the threat of this alien invasive species.
Management has been fighting this threat for the last 5 years but this hardy and resilient plant continues to persist and emerge in new places. To assist our efforts, we signed an agreement with Working for Water last year whereby they would send teams to help eradicate the Pom Pom weed on Welgevonden over a period of three years. Their contribution last year was of enormous value and they are again at the forefront of the battle this year.

Pom Pom weed has been identified by conservation authorities as the single biggest threat to natural grasslands in the country and Welgevonden is committed to eradicating this threat on the reserve. To paraphrase the immortal words of a far more illustrious commander in chief, we will fight it in the rivers, we will fight it in the grasslands…we will never surrender.