Spring has sprung!!!

After what has been an unusually cold bush winter, I feel I can speak on behalf of all the occupants of Welgevonden, warm and cold blooded, in welcoming back some warmer weather. The Dombeyas (Wild Pear) and Erythrinas (Coral Tree) are already in full flower and it won’t be long before the other trees start to produce new shoots in anticipation of the coming rainy season.

The sight of the dry, dusty, winter Waterberg bushveld shedding its drab coat to be replaced by a verdant paradise of flowing streams and lush green vegetation is truly something to behold and we await the reserve’s summer finery with baited breath! This is also the time the migrant birds start returning to breed, livening up the bushveld with their song. The old hands in the area are speaking of another wet season and although one should never look a gift horse in the mouth, we hope that the rains are little more spread out this year so as to give our road infrastructure at least a fighting chance