Sibusiso Vilane

Welgevonden is extremely proud to have as a member of its staff, albeit on a temporary basis, the intrepid mountaineer, explorer, motivational speaker and patron of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Conservation Leadership Group, Sibusiso Vilane.
Sibusiso’s list of achievements, from summiting Mount Everest (twice) to trekking unaided to the South Pole, is truly remarkable and is the testimony to the potential of the human spirit.

Sibusiso also boasts 11 years experience working in the conservation sector and he is assisting Welgevonden with the implementation of the WEI programme and with furthering the local Waterberg Rural EcoWarrior Programme, which is a joint Welgevonden/EWT initiative.

Sibusiso joined Welgevonden in June and has contributed enormously to the seamless and successful launch of the WEI programme. Now that the WEI programme is largely established, Sibusiso will be spending time with Theko Tlailana, EWT’s local Rural EcoWarrior to promote and support Theko’s efforts in the local community.

We encourage members and visitors to the reserve to take time to speak to Sibusiso if you see him on the reserve as he has some exceptionally interesting experiences to share.