Fire season

The arrival of spring also heralds the onset of the fire season when dry lightning storms prevail and can cause widespread fires. We therefore urge all lodges to get their firebreaks into a state of adequate readiness as from an ecological perspective, we hope that around 10% to 15% of the reserve will burn as a result of lightning strikes over the next couple of months.

In preparation for the coming rainy season, we are intervening on the old eastern airstrip near the East Gate to improve the palatability and productivity of the grass layer. The initial treatment required that the tall grass on the old airstrip be slashed to promote the growth of Cynodon dactylon.

While slashing the strip, the blades of the slasher sparked against a small rock, igniting the extremely dry and fibrous veld. Fortunately the team was on hand to combat the fire, preventing it from spreading or causing any damage to infrastructure. Many thanks to the lodge staff who assisted with this.

The net result is that the entire area has now been very effectively “slashed” and we expect an influx of game onto the area as soon as it produces a green flush.