African leadership academy

On the 2nd of April, 9 students from the newly established African Leadership Academy arrived at Welgevonden. The African Leadership Academy recruits top performing, high school age students from all over Africa between the ages of 15-20yrs for a 2 year program that teaches leadership and entrepreneurship.

One of Welgevonden’s members, Jon Cummings from Site 23, is on the Board of the Academy and arranged for the students to visit the reserve. The WLOA’s chief executive, Andrew Parker, presented a talk to the students at the lodge on the importance of diversity and change for maintaining the flow of energy in natural systems at optimum levels. Dr Hector Magome from SANParks was also present and a detailed discussion ensued on the challenges facing conservation in both the private and public sector.

The level of understanding demonstrated by the children was truly remarkable. The WLOA is proud to have an association with the Academy and we look forward to many more interesting encounters.