Rhino casualty

A rhino cow had to be treated after being badly injured by what is presumed to be a rhino bull. Her vagina was ripped open by a horn from below her legs all the way to the top, a really nasty injury.

She was darted, and with closer inspection, the real extent of the injury was seen.

The wound was cleaned, all the dead flesh was cut away and the wound was sewed up.

She was given a strong dose of anti-biotics to prevent infection. A couple of days after treating her the wound looked much better, but she will probably have to get another treatment to clean the wound and to get another dose of anti-biotics. It is unsure whether she will be able to calve again, but it is too early to tell. Hopefully, she will heal completely.

October 2007

A couple of months ago we reported on the rhino cow that was seriously injured by a bull, and then later on how well she recovered. Well, there is a further chapter in this story. She gave birth to a healthy young rhino calf. When we first treated her we were worried that she wouldn’t be able to give birth because the vagina had to be stitched up. Blood tests at that time also revealed that she was pregnant.

However, the arrival of the youngster negated all our fears.

The young calf is doing great! They had their first run in with the lions with 3 lionesses trying to catch the calf about 3 weeks after birth. However, the mother and her previous daughter, that is still with her, managed to fend them off successfully. We are confident that the youngster is going to grow up to become a healthy young bull.