Rain, glorious rain!

The last week of September saw the start of a rainy season that kicked of with a bang.

Over the past 10 years Welgevonden has had only one rain in September – but this year the last week of September saw 60mm rain on average across the reserve.

Since then we have also had our share of the rainy conditions that were present over the central and northern parts of the country. Regular soft rain means effective rain, and most of the water was absorbed into the soil with little runoff.

As a result, there has not been a major increase in the flow of the streams, but most streams’ water levels increased. Rhino dam, which was almost completely dry, received a huge boost and it is now probably 50-60% full. The bush has been transformed over the last 3 weeks and is greening up quickly. The plains areas are now beautifully green. However, the regular rainfall has also prevented us from burning all the areas we intended to burn this season. However, some areas in the south of the reserve were burned, and after the rain, they should be green soon.

Some areas of the reserve have had well over 200mm thus far this rainy season and we hope that this continues for the rest of the season.