Birding day

A successful first birding day was held on 7th March.

Five teams (the Daggaboys, Team Taaibos, 3D’s & the Birds, LOA Management and the Southerners) started the day at 6 am to see who can identify the most number of bird species before 6 pm. A prize of R500 cash was up for grabs to the winning team.

The day was won by the LOA Management team who identified 132 species in total. The total number of species recorded between the 5 teams was 181, which is an excellent rate considering that there are 323 birds on the Welgevonden Bird list, which means that just over half the birds on the Welgevonden bird list was seen in a 12 hour period.

More importantly, 6 new species were added to the bird list. They are the Western red footed falcon, Harlequin quail, African morning dove, Whitebacked mousebird, Wiretailed swallow and Blackchested prinia. The day was completed with a bring-and-braai event at the large fig tree at Pienaar’s crossing.

The spirit of all the teams was excellent, and everybody had a good time. But most importantly, in between the fun some very important data was collected. The data will be submitted to the Birds in Reserves Project (BIRP) by the University of Cape Town.

This day was used as a trial run to test the interest and concept of such an event. The feedback that was received was excellent, and as a result another birding day will be held in November. The prize money won by the LOA Management team was put back in the kitty and will roll over to increase the prize for the next event.