Lion management

Two short stories illustrating lion management on Welgevonden.

1. Young Lions Move to Makalali
Two young male lions from Welgevonden have found a new home at Makalali Game Reserve.

They were kept in the boma on Welgevonden until the necessary permits and arrangements could
be done.

On the morning of the 17th of November, they were darted, put into the transport crates, and on their way to Makalali. They arrived there safe and sound at about 22:30.

Apparently, they are doing well and have settled in their new home already. We wish them a happy stay.


2. Collaring the Northern Male

The elusive northern male lion was eventually collared! After avoiding darting for a couple of weeks, we finally manage to get him onto a bait and dart him successfully.

During a previous attempt we managed to lure him onto the bait, but he ripped the Impala carcass in two and ran away into the mountain with his half. And as everyone’s best friend Murphy will have it, it would be the half that was not spiked with drugs.

But everything is well that ends well. The new collar will give us some idea of the area he uses and where he disappears to during those periods that he is not seen. It will also provide some insight on his reactions to the introduction of new males, which will happen sometime this year.