Elephant capture

Part of Welgevonden’s elephant management plan is to continuously look for potential translocation opportunities for elephant.

A contraception program is in place to slow down the breeding of the population, but it does not assist in decreasing the numbers.

Relocation opportunities for elephant are extremely limited, but we managed to find a new home for six of our elephant in the shape of Lalibela Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape.

A very successful operation in July saw the capture of 2 cows, 2 sub adults, and 2 calves, which were the first elephants ever to be translocated from Welgevonden to another reserve. And hopefully not the last!

The capture operation went without any glitches, and within 2 hours the elephants were captured, loaded and on their way to Lalibela. News from Lalibela is that they arrived relaxed and healthy, and after a short stay in a boma they were released into their new home.

Thank you to Makweti Safari Lodge for their huge gesture in sponsoring part of the capture and relocation costs. Without their financial support, this would not have been possible.