Controlled burn

A controlled burn was done on the plains in front of Pitse Lodge in the south of the reserve.

Although the current fire policy on Welgevonden is to let the veld burn naturally through lightning fires, a controlled burn policy is also still in place for the plains, which is largely old lands.

This is done to remove the build-up of moribund grass which build up quickly in the tall-grassland of the southern plains. At the same time, it also makes new nutritious, short grass available to grazers who cannot utilize the tall grass.

The conditions were perfect for a controlled burn, and late afternoon saw the wind settle down. The burn was completed later the evening without any complications. Inspection the following morning saw several game species on the burnt area already, as well as 3 blue cranes that would otherwise not have been able to feed in the tall grassland.

Some rain has fallen on the burnt area within a couple of days after the burn, and two weeks later the area was beautiful green with new grass. Large numbers of grazers, especially rhino, eland, zebra, hartebeest, blue wildebeest and warthog are attracted and can be seen on the new green flush.