Basic fire-fighting course held at WelTrac Training Centre

Due to legislation that has come into effect, as part of the training and development of staff and for occupational safety reasons most of the Welgevonden LOA staff attended and completed a two day Basic Fire Fighters course towards the end of August. The course was held at the WelTrac training facility near the West Gate and presented by Working-on-Fire.

This is a government initiative to train unemployed persons and teach them work and life skills. The people that are part of the program work for a period of 3 years and are then able to use the skills and knowledge required to start their own businesses.

The course covered topics such as causes of fire, factors influencing fire, strategies for suppressing fires, potentially dangerous situations and warning signs for these, safety procedures, aerial assault and role of ground teams, procedures for use when fighting fires, practical techniques – demonstration and practice thereof, explanation of how to utilize the various equipment available effectively. Unfortunately, the weather prevented us from safely lighting and suppressing a veld fire but a simulation of the action required was carried out.

Although most of the staff have been involved in fighting fires for many years, everyone learned new things and got to see how other organizations fight different types of fires under different conditions. The Working-on-Fire instructors, Nicholas and Steven, have to be thanked and complimented for their dedication, self-discipline, knowledge and passion for the tasks they carry out. It was a pleasure making use of their services. A fire-fighting course aimed more at the lodge environment is being planned for later in the year.