Baby elephant drowns

Late in October, we got a radio message from a field guide, telling us about a baby elephant that they found in a dam.

When we arrived there, only a little bit of his backside was sticking out, so we were not able to see how big the elephant was.

Closer inspection revealed that is was a very young calf, and instead of having to drag it out of the dam with cables, it was possible to pull it out by hand. It was only a youngster, probably not more than a couple of weeks old.

How it happened that he drowned could not be established with surety, but it appears that he slipped on the dam wall and fell into the dam. It was too deep for him to stand, and because of his young age, he would have been unable to lift his trunk above the water level.

What is strange however is that his mother didn’t help him out of the water. Maybe he disappeared under the water so quickly that she didn’t even realize that he was gone?

Nature is cruel, but the fittest have to survive!