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Cheetah mischief in the Buffalo Camp
May 2014
by Samuel Davidson-Phillips
Early one morning in April André Burger (Chief Operating Officer) was on his way to the office, when close to the end of the Main Airstrip, he saw a herd of impala looking into the grass and snorting as a sign of danger. Initially he caught a glimpse of an impala being held down a predator with spots. Initially he thought it was a leopard but closer investigation revealed a cheetah busy suffocating an impala.


Southern Cheetahs are Busy!
May 2014
All photos by Angus Frew, Izingwe Lodge

On an April afternoon, Angus Frew, from Izingwe Lodge in the south of the Reserve, witnessed a long distance sighting of a unique interaction between a male cheetah and a mother of 3 small cubs, less than three months old. Both the male and female cheetah showed intense signs of aggression towards each other.


A new species, a new era,
Sable back on Welgevonden!
May 2014
by Samuel Davidson-Phillips

Near the end of April 2014 Welgevonden Game Reserve received the first 4 of 9 sub-adult sable bulls to be re-introduced onto the Reserve. The animals were placed in a temporary holding boma to accustom them to one another and hopefully for a small bachelor herd prior to release into the Buffalo Camp.


Brown Hyena release at Fig Tree Plains
May 2014
by Jonathan Swart
Another ordinary day in the office turned into a day filled with excitement as Welgevonden prepared to release a young brown hyena into the Reserve. The animal had been caught in a cage trap on a farm between Thabazimbi and Lephalale. The owner had set the trap to catch a stray domestic dog that was attacking his livestock. To his surprise he discovered a brown hyena in the trap – despite it being the 1st April this was not an April Fool’s prank!


Staff Changes
April 2014

After 3½ years Welgevonden has had to say good bye to Shaun McCartney as CEO.

The Chairman summed it up as follows: “I want to thank him (Shaun) for the professional and effective way in which he conducted himself and performed his duties. It was hard to put up a fight to keep him, against the competition of brewing beer with his closest friends in his home town.



Welgevonden Game Reserve

  At 37 500 hectares in size, Welgevonden Game Reserve lies in the Waterberg plateau, just north of Johannesburg, South Africa. Here guests enjoy unlimited traversing through the reserve and experience an environment where biodiversity conservation and game viewing are managed in harmony.  

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